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[icon] Meeting: 9/8/04 II - Words RE: Other Words
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Subject:Meeting: 9/8/04 II
Time:08:12 am
I was going to do this with notes in front of me but I am being compelled *evil glare at France*. This will pick up where notes from 9/8/04 left off...
...We then turned to the chapter A Question of Moral.
In this chapter Titus is having dinner with his family and Violet.
What do you notice about the interaction between Titus and his parents? Does this seem like a typical parent/child relationship to you?
I'd also like you to notice how they deal with everything from dinner. They throw out all the plates, the table, the chairs, ect. Titus lives in a world where everything is made to be disposable.
How do you think this effects Titus's appreciation for life and everything in it? Do you think this will later become a vital point in his relationship with Violet? Is love just another disposable thing in this society(remember to look at ALL the relationships, not just Titus and Violet)?
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Time:2004-10-08 08:50 am (UTC)
Who?? Me?? I'm innocent!! Anywyas:

Sometimes the interaction seems more like friends than that of parents and a child. Maybe it's just the language they use. Ex: "Quits?" et "Take the girlf home." ou "Dude" (All quotes from the father). But other than the language they seem like a completely "normal" family. How many times have we heard "Stop playing with your food!" or "We don't sing at the table!" (Though in my house it was always " No singing at the table!")? And the parents trying to "protect their child". They seem normal, yet lacking the feeling that makes a family truely a functioning family.

I'd also like to mention the two times the father mentions that they are going to sue. The first time it's "We'll probably sue the nightclub, maybe the police." and then "We're going to sye the nightclub." As if suing is the solution to everything that goes wrong. But then again that is something that is apparent in our world today. Suing McDonald's for making you fat? Come on. Everyone knows that food is unhealthy and full of grease. Just thought I'd point that out.

I think the fact that everything is thrown away at the end of the meal is another symbol of American culture. We thrown away everything. We also consume more resoucres than the majority of the world (I can't remember the statistics at the moment). It's just the society we live in. If you don't want something throw it away.

I think this effects Titus in that he thinks that he can use something throw it away and there will always be something else that he can use. Like nothing is really precious or rare. And life it's self is nothing special because scientists can create a clone of anyone or alter appearances without much work. Thus Titus doesn't have an appreciation for anything, because everything is desposable and can be recreated. It is a vital point in his relationship with Violet. He doesn't see that what they share is something fraigle and precious. Love and relationships is something that can't be created in a lab. It is the one true thing in this world. But I think that Titus had yet to realize this, because in his society, it seems as though there are no real emotions. Love is just another disposable thing.

Thank you Allie!!! I just need something to stimulate my brain every now and again.
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[icon] Meeting: 9/8/04 II - Words RE: Other Words
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