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Time:02:11 pm
I know that you are all done with Feed and what-not, but because I finally did the work today, I have one question:

Why didn't Titus help Violet, when she needed the money for her repairs? Or even offer? He had so much credit to buy all those of "draft pants from Multitude, yet he couldnt try to save the person that he loved? If it came down to needing money to save any of my friends' or family's lifes, I'd do it in an instant. So, did the thought not even cross his mind?
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Subject:Shelby's Take on Feed
Time:05:50 pm
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Time:07:47 pm
So, it turns out that this book really ROCKS MY SOCKS
I thought it was some lame book about what some old guy thought kids were like
but it so much more then that its about society, media corruption
and how it almost like man kind is de-evolving because we've made it so easy for our selves
we have no need to think, at least not in FEEDs world

Im begining to realize that all i hear and all i see might just be a distraction
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Subject:Up and Coming....
Time:08:59 am
Current Mood:jubilantAmbitious!
I am tres torn about what book to do after Einstein's Dreams for book club. I am really enjoying the curious incident of the dog in the night-time, but I'd also like to do A Density of Souls.
Both have that really unique aspect that I strive to provide for my members. There is also the question of the love aspect in DoS. Although I know all the people in my book club are tolerant there are some graphic gay love scenes. But it also has that really rich texture. And its sad. Rianna cried when she read it. Rianna is not a very sappy person.
Curious Incident would also be a facinating because of its unapologetic look into the mind of an autistic boy. I like the straightforward writing style. It humorous and makes you ache at the same time. I am really loving it.
I'd also like to do a historical novel at some point and have our meetings be a kind of history lesson where we compare historical accounts of various figures to their literary counterparts. Trying to think of a novel that would exemplify this. Here Be Dragons would be fantastic, but finding actual historical information might be an issue as the larger historical figure (King John "Lackland" or John the Black) lost most of his personal records of his reign in the marsh (along with a great deal of his treasury). The other main characters are a bit more obscure (not much info on John's out-of-wedlock kids...he had to darn many, esp. a female one). Anyway...babbling. T'would be interesting. Also mentions the Magna Carta and the politics and whatnot surrounding it which I think would start a good discussion on government then vs. government now (and government in general for that matter. LOL). I'll ask Barb (my fave librarian) about a good HN as it's one of her favorite genres.
Also would like to do a classic. I don't want to underestimate my members but most of them are still in high school and I don't want to ask too much of them. I might try to do that over X-mas break. Although I guess high school X-mas break is 2-3 weeks instead of the 4-5 weeks we get in college and ppl have family obligations. That one just might have to take a back burner until the summer. Although I don't know that I want to be doing a "classic" and Shakespeare at the same time(the Boulder Shakespeare festival was such a success last summer that we are looking to get more ppl to join us in 2005) (^_^) So...*ponders* Any suggestions? I want to stay away from the Bronte sisters simply because I dislike their writing. I would really like to do Tolstoy of some sort (particularly Anna Karenin) but it might be difficult to read. Feel free to suggest...
I also want to do a book where we can go through and look at the hero's journey (via Joseph Campbell's Hero with 1,000 Faces. Probably would like to examine archetypes since anything that has the hero's journey will have them. The only book I can think of off the top of my head that really exemplifies both of these is Homer's The Odessy(which I also cannot spell. LOL). Any suggestions are welcome.
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Subject:Meeting: 9/8/04
Time:12:07 pm
Current Mood:amusedamused
Members Present: Teal, Hayley, Stephanie, Sean Owens, Allie

Discussed next books and Shakespeare Fest this summer (Huzzah!). Ordering copies of Einstein's Dreams for the following members: Shelby, Teal, Hayley, Sean, Stephanie, Cece and myself. If your name is on this list you owe me $13.
We think we will do A Density of Souls by Christopher Rice after Einstein's Dreams.

Then we got into the Sestina (Huzzah!). Turn to the Chapter Our Duty to the Party(pg 160something in the hardcover copy and pg 197 in the paperbacks). Read through it. On pg. 201 in the paperback Violet starts yelling at the party-goers. She singles out Quendy (with all of her 'brag' lesions) as a monster and accuses the group of talking in a Sestina.
A sestina is an Italian form of poetry. www.m-w.com defines it as: a lyrical fixed form consisting of six 6-line usually unrhymed stanzas in which the end words of the first stanza recur as end words of the following five stanzas in a successively rotating order and as the middle and end words of the three verses of the concluding tercet.
Basically they use the same 6 words at the end of their sentences. Go through this chapter and see what the words are.
For more examples of a sestina Click here.
These examples are from the site Here which has an extensive amount of info on the Sestina.
Why do you think M.T. Anderson used this form of poetry?

We then turned to the chapter A Question of Moral.

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Subject:Meeting: 8/31/04
Time:08:14 am
Current Mood:creativecreative
Members Present: Cecelia, Hayley, Allie, Teal, Jesse (our unofficial non-member. LOL)

Meeting was hijacked and we watched Alice instead. LOL
That's ok though b/c some ppl couldn't make it and section 2 is really little anyway.
Next meeting is Monday, September 5, 2004. Please have read through section 3, Utopia.

That is all.
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Subject:Meeting: 8/22/04
Time:05:36 pm
Current Mood:ditzyso tired...
As everyone has moved away I am going to post discussion topics prior to the meeting so our "Satallite Members" can post their opinions and whatnot. I will post the discussion later. (^_^)

First meeting on Feed by M.T. Anderson. We were to have read up to pg. 40(Part 1: moon).

Discussion Topics

1. The "chat" and "bannering" functions of the feed are evolved form of current features in our modern internet. What might the author be trying to get across by having these take place directly in people's brains?

2. What would be the benefits and drawbacks of such a system?

3. M.T. Anderson has invented his own slang for his futuristic characters. He never defines these terms. Are you able to figure out their meaning? List out what you think the following terms mean.
What the F*?Collapse )
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Subject:Meeting: 8/9/04
Time:05:13 pm
Current Mood:amusedamused
Members Present: Teal, Shelby, Rianna, Hayley & Allie

I think Shelby is sick of this bookCollapse )
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Subject:Meeting: 7/19/04
Time:07:00 pm
Members Present: Shelby, Allie, Rianna, Emma, Hayley, Teal

Read Whalestone Letters & Obituary
Letters from Jonny's mother (Pelafina) to Jonny, we see none of his replies.

Rianna was kind enough to go through the coded letter(Pg.s 620 - 623) and translate it for us.

Thank God For RiannaCollapse )
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Subject:Meeting 7/5/04
Time:05:27 pm
Members Present: Shelby, Teal, Rianna, Cecilia, Stephanie

Discussed next book(s). Listened to Self-Evident and discussed Ani DiFranco.
Talked about POE and her new record company. Moved on to book.

(Hayley missed this meeting so we reviewed a lot of stuff from previous meetings.)
~Reviewed previous discussion of A Day in the Life song by the Beatles.
~Reviewed courier font.
~Reviewed Dante discussion
~Reviewed Zampano's need to discuss validity of video.

(These were also review from the last meeting with Hayley but I neglected to type them up b/c I am lazy, sorry guys)
Talked about Mary Shelley quote on page 8. "The labours of men of geniusm however erroneously directed, scarcely ever fail in ultimately turning to the solid advantage of mankind". (Mary Shelley is the Author of Frankenstein which is about a Dr. that creates artificial life which then ruins both the Dr. and itself)

Topic discussed in relation to these quotes: Natural vs. artifical life.
How does the concept of natural vs. artificial play into House of Leaves?
Are the excess rooms in the House natural or artificial?
Who do you think created the house and to what end?

Talked about quote on page 19 from Dorothea Lange ("It is no accident that a photographer becomes a photographer anymore than a lion tamer becomes a lion tamer".) and following Exodus quote ("But Moses said unto God, 'Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and free the Israelites from Egypt?'") and then Zampano's comment on both(Why Navidson? Why not someone else?).
Dorothea Lange was a depression era photographer whose photos focused on the dust bowl and the famine therein. Exodus is a book from the bible that follows Moses as he frees the Jews from Egypt. Zampano is a crazy blind man. :-P (I am so funny...hehe).

Topic discussed in relation to these quotes: Fate vs. Free Will.
What qualities must one posses to be a photographer?
The ability to distill a broad topic down into the most pure form. To take a 3 x 5 sheet of photo paper and project onto it the emotional, historical, political implications of a time period or event in such a way that the image transcends cultural and language barriers.
What qualities must someone possess to have this talent? To be 'destined' to become a photographer?
The power to observe a scene, period in history or event and see that one 3 x 5 frame that will best convey the situation in the most universal manner.
As people we don't really remember a whole day, its far to vast. The ability to remember every second of every moment of everyday would drive us mad and we would be sorta trapped in our own minds as they filled with meaningless details. Our brain automatically does for us what a photographer does for events and such, it filters out all the benign details that would overwhelm us.

Which brings us to the next topic discussed: perception vs. reality.
How do we percieve history?
How do we make it real?

Most of our modern perception is based on visual images stemming from our dependency on TV.
How does Navidson's fate relate to Lange's(photographer)?
To Moses's?
How does each challenge their own fate?

We then listened to the echo passage from HoL from the Don't Be Scared CD. (its a bit easier to understand if you hear it rather than read it.

We also discussed how to work the appendicies and footnotes into the reading.

Discussed Post-modernism a bit more.
What filters are we seeing this book through?
The topic of the book is the house itself.
The filters we have found so far are: Navidson and Family, Zampano, Truant, Editors, Reader(you), and our book club through our discussion (we are so avant-garde).

Discussed Jonny & our perception of him.
Addictive personality and a self admitted liar.
Does this perception of Jonny make it easier for us, as an audience, to believe that he has become addicted to the book?
Do you believe that the book has taken hold of Jonny to the extent that he claims?
Is it possible that Jonny has taken us through such detailed accounts of his addictions in order to make us think he has an addiction to addiction (remember: he is a self admitted liar (pg. 12 where him and Lude are making up a story to go with the scars and the broken teeth; pg. 16 where he adds words to Zampano's text (do you think he added or withheld information anywhere else in the text?); pg. 20, 3rd paragraph from bottom, last line)

Also discussed story of how Navidson met Reston.
Pg.s 37 & 38.
Shelby brought up the idea that this particular photograph could be demonstrating how the 'industrial era could come back and bite you'.
Note Jungle Book relation.
The power cables are said to be Nag & Nagaina (snakes from The Jungle Book) and Navidson is Riki-Tiki-Tavi with a Nikon (Mongoose from the same piece. Mongooses eat snakes. Nikon is a camera).
How is Navidson defeating or killing the power cables?

Also discussed the effects of computer generated imagry on our generation's perception of truth.
Can we trust the truth that a photo is telling us in our present technological world? There have been multiple falsehoods just in recent years (including that one really weird one where that guy from CA made a fake video of an arabic man beheading him). 50 years ago a photo was much harder to alter (though not impossible as my Uncle could tell you. He has prints from silver negatives from the late 1800s and early 1900s where a feather, a cloud and a path of snow have been painted directly onto the negatives. not really vital info there, just a kinda cool fact).
Has the validity of the photograph been compromised? Do you trust what you see?\
Just FYI: Pg. 38. the translation of "Les jeux sont fait. Nous sommes fucked." is "The plays are made. We are fucked." (Yay! Allie got a translation!)

Listened to "The Panther", pgs. 560 & 561, from the Don't Be Scared CD. Mainly b/c I love it as a spoken word piece and I run these meetings (teehee).

And that's all she wrote (and by she I mean Shelby, thanks for being our secratary!)
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