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Time:08:25 am
Boulder Shakespeare Fest just posted their upcoming summer season! Huzzah!
They'll be performing:
Twelfth Night
A Winter's Tale
Unexpected Shaxpere.

Unexpected Shaxpere will be an Improv troup who will gather a plot for the attending audience members and contruct a play around it. It sounds interesting...

I was thinking that I would like to do some of the extras this coming year. They include *insert drumroll* Backstage tours(prior to all performances at 6PM), Talkback series (meet actors after play informally), Director's series (Talk with director before the show), Shakespeare's Garden Tour (going through the garden near the stage, discussing the "herbal lore" in Shakespeare's plays, esp. interesting who like Ophelia's speech about flowers). If we can get a group of 10 together we can do a day tour thing...
Also, for those of you 14 - 18(which I think is just about everyone but Shelby, Tara and myself) there is Camp Shakespeare, which is a 3 week program(I don't know what'll be happening with everyone's work schedule but it looks facinating...)

Also...to give Shelby and Tara a chance to catch up in the book we will be reading The Merchant of Venice this Sunday at book club. There will be a showing of a cinematic verion of MoV in Aspen on Dec. 28th as part of the Academy Screenings. I would love for all of us to go together. The cost is $10. I think I am going to pre-order tickets so let me know if you want to go.

Could everyone please:
1. Let me know what plays you'd be interested in seeing
2. Let me know which "extras" you'd be interested in participating in, certain events (Talkback and Director's series) don't happen all the time and if we want to do them we should make sure to get tickets for those specific nights.
3. Let me know if you want to see The Merchant of Venice in Aspen on the 28th of Dec.

I'll probably bring this all up in next book club meeting and we will discuss it then for those of you w/o LJs.
Thanks guys!
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Time:2005-01-02 08:49 am (UTC)
1) I think Unexpected Shaxpere looks interesting, and I'd like to see Othoello. Hell, money providing, I'd like to see them all.

2) The Garden would totally rock my socks, and the Talkback seems interesting.

3)Can't and besides you already don't like it.
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Time:2005-01-02 09:05 am (UTC)
Intelligent Donkey!
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Time:2005-01-02 01:49 pm (UTC)
grr. post already done. evil lj.

I'm in for the unexpected thingy almost definitely; it'd like t'go t'twelfth night and probably winter's tale. In not too enthusiastic 'bout othello. No interest in the movie. I'm interested in the Garden Walk, and less than not interested in the camp.
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Time:2005-01-03 10:08 am (UTC)
1) Othello sounds like a good one
2) I'm not typically so motivated.
3) Based on all the reviews of the preformance I've read, I would think not ^.~
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